Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rainy Day? No problem. It will be SMASHING!

I often tell my kids that there is no point worrying about things you cannot control, like the weather for instance.  It is all about embracing what life and mother nature throws at you and making your own FUN.  And that is exactly what we did on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. 

Actually, Jules and I had a "smashing" date on Sunday and we would have probably just moved the party out to the patio table if it had been a gorgeous day.  This smashing date was LONG overdue!

 I really hope you guys are not tired of me and my smash book addiction because I will tell you it will never end.  And really, maybe it is not the smash books I love, but the way projects like these are so random and really lack structure and thought and they just work.  Hey, lack of structure and thought is VERY important after the wild weeks in the office or even just running the race of everyday life.

Want to know how you do it?  Here's how you Smash according to the pros (Jules and Me):

  1. You collect goodies.  
  2. You set aside some time to craft.  Smashing Dates are the best dates!
  3. You put the random pieces of your life where they fit best in your book.  
  4. You add a little journaling and embellishments.  
  5. You admire your work and how wonderful you are.
  6. You smile and cherish the time you spent together.

Wow Jules!  Your book is getting big!
You will be happy to know that my Smash Book that I started in December 2011 is now complete.  Yeah, it may sound like it took me a long time to complete but this is paper crafting.  There is no prize given to those with the most books or those completed in record time.  Competition is not allowed here.  This is my book filled with such sweet things as ticket stubs, beautiful stationery, photos and stamps, lists and more.  These are all things that mean something to me and I just love it.  And yes, I have been carrying it around the house with me over the past two days admiring it.  Ha.

I'll bring my book to the store this week so you can have a look if you like.  "Show and Tell Time" on Saturday is always welcome.  Stop in and share your work.  It will be "SMASHING", I promise.


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