Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Retrofest - Best Yet!

Me and Jen Saturday afternoon.  Our first Retrofest together!
Check out the gorgeous Coca-Cola product she brought in.
I MUST have the apron on the far left.
 Ok.  Wow.  What a weekend!  Just as I thought, the 15th annual Retrofest weekend was definitely the biggest and best yet.  I heard somewhere that there were 500-600 cars in Friday night's parade and move than 20,000 people walked the streets of downtown Chatham Saturday to participate in our premier festival event.

A HUGE thank you to those customers who visited us Saturday.  From the time we opened to the time we packed it in, we were hoppin'.  Maybe next year you will see me in my roller skates!

Pint size Pickle People
 As promised, we had a pickle tasting station.  Jules and her cousin Brody did a fabulous job.  I was so proud when I heard them chatting with customers and giving them their "spiel" about how the cucumbers are grown locally, etc.  At the end of the day, I walked them through their sales calculations explaining about things like "float" and margins.  Based on their sales, they each walked away with $18.50.....not bad for a great day.  They were thrilled!  I think they had a little fun too.  They got to play with Vicki's niece next door (who was their age and also helping out).  Jules and Brody told me that they cannot wait to help next year!  They certainly earned their spot and I will be counting on them next year.
The girls
 I did get to venture out once.  Here is a picture of Jules and I - Retro style!  Thanks to Vicki's shop - Lady Blackbird Boutique for the perfect top.
Got another great car in front of the store!
 As Jules and I drove up Wellington Street, we were both anxious to see which cars "we got" this year.  We were both cheering in the car when we spotted our friends for the day.  Check out this sweet car!
These bad boys in front of Vicki's.
She was thrilled.
 These were the trucks parked in front of Vicki's store.  She is a farm girl (along with her many talents) and these additions to her store front were very appropriate.  Also very appropriate given the construction going in down our road.  Thank goodness the torn up road did not deter the vehicles.  Our road was PACKED!  Actually I heard EVERY street was packed.  Just awesome.
Hard work pays off.
 I promised the kids that we could go get an ice cream at the new shop called Sugar and Spice on King.  They were lovin' their bubblegum ice cream on that sunny and beautiful day.  The weather could not have been any better.
Make and Takes
The day would not be complete without our make and take table.  As you can see, kids cannot resist our crafts.  A few of our regulars also got in on the fun and that was so nice to see.  Kelsey did wonderful walking our participants through our watercolor tag.  We couldn't have done it without her help.  You're awesome, Kelsey!

So there you have it.  Another Retrofest in the books.  Have I convinced you yet that you MUST come next year?  The more the merrier in downtown Chatham.  I am so proud of my community.♥  I will leave you will a video which summarized this years event!


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mackiecat said...

We purchased some of the pickles from Brody. He was a great salesperson and the pickles were delish! They didn't even make it home. We ate them all day long.