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Paper - It's My Passion

The Paper Pickle - ALWAYS Original
Anyone who has ever read my blog or has spoken to me in person will know that I get very animated when talking about paper!  Whether it is the latest delivery of designer scrapbooking paper or just chatting about your wedding invitation vision, I get excited!  I am still unsure where my love of paper began.  However, a few moments in my past do stand out and offer proof of this love:  
  1. Receiving my first calligraphy set from my parents for Christmas when I was in grade school.  I created with those pens and was obsessed with the coloured ink.
  2. Spending my "hoeing" money on stickers from Toys R Us (my first job included hoeing weeds from my grandpa's soy bean fields).  I still vividly remember that trip to London and how excited I was!  Puffy, fruit smelling stickers will do that to ya.
  3. Making my very first scrapbook in high school before scrapbooking was even cool (it was a spiral bound notebook with recycled construction paper pages).  I had clippings of my favourite bands including Depeche Mode, comic strips and photos from my ski trip to Quebec.
  4. Going on multiple shopping trips with Kell to The Gift Emporium when they were closing to scoop up stacks of greeting cards.  This was before I discovered stamping.  The designs were so beautiful and I often found myself flipping through the pile just to admire them.
  5. Screaming in the car with Kell and Kyla after picking up the latest Stampin' Up catalogue (pre-Paper Pickle days)...yes, we were literally screaming!  haha...
Now fast forward to me as an adult..... 

All designs are collaborative efforts with your event in mind
On Sunday, I was able to showcase the stationery pieces that I have designed over the years.  If you were at The Portuguese Club and stopped by my booth, you would have heard the passion coming through as I chatted with you!  One thing that I often preach is that being original is key!  You want your day to stand out in your guest's minds.  The way to do that is by having a clear vision and a critical eye with special attention to detail.  To me, it is the little details that make for an extraordinary event!  
A few of my latest designs from 2014 - you challenge me
and make me a better designer
You will always find quirky little elements in my booth
I have often joked with brides that if you are looking for The Paper Pickle booth, look for the booth with burlap rather than satin.  Look for the booth that will give you creative ideas for your day that incorporate my love of paper crafting.  Look for the girl with the booth who takes great pride in being original and who has always remained true to my style.  Hey, I thought burlap was beautiful even before the bridal magazines said it was all the rage.
Stationery sets with expressions of you!
More designs....I love them all.
It is ALL about the details
If you know anyone with a wedding or special event, tell them to come and see me.  I would love to share my passion and create something beautiful for them.  

Homebaked Kitchen Company
Clean, classic booth....that's Jen for you!
Another girl who is very passionate about her creations and designs is my sister, Jen.  She attended the wedding show for the first time and I think she really stood out.  You want to know the secret?  Again, it goes back to remaining true to yourself and offering customers products that you have taken the time to perfect and have put your heart into.  Everything is baked fresh with incredible little details that make you feel special.  You can be confident time and effort was put into every aspect of your order from initial consultation to baking and packaging.
Just beautiful
I wish I had a picture of Jen at her booth.  Her top even matched the booth.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Jen believes every detail matters....that's why we work so well together.  

Homebaked Kitchen Company is the place to got for baking for any special event.  Just have a look at her website.  Trust me when I tell you her product photography will have salivating...thanks to another amazing photographer/sister, Krystle.....but don't get me started on her!  This blog may last forever and I've got to get ready for work!  Ha!

So some takeaways - My summary:
  • always be original in everything you do
  • pay attention to details - they matter!
  • working with businesses that are passionate about their trade will make for a much better experience
  • oh heck, just tell all your friends and neighbours that you love us and that they have to come visit us!
Keep smiling....


PS....Look for another post tonight or tomorrow about our grand opening!  Seriously, it was a BLAST!
PSS....Room still available in the Magenta classes!

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