Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NEW Goodies - SMASHING Baby!

You know I have like this addiction to paper, right?  And you all know about my love affair with Smash Books.  You should have seen me yesterday tracking down the UPS guy to find my order.  You see we were not open but I HAD to get that order in my pretty little hands!  The reason being that I knew there were TONS of new product in that one box!  

Here are the TWO new Smash Books by K&Co that were in the order....

Perfect book for those in college or university.
You have to see the pre-printed pages inside!

Great item for those in their 20's (or those FUN people in your life).  SO adorable!
These are FUN accessories for your SMASH book or paper craft project.

Word bubble stickers
Ok.  These are a MUST have!  Imagine leaving these around the house for your kids this summer, boyfriend, hubby, etc.  Use the fortunes they give you or make up your own witty sayings!

We have an amazing selection of THE latest SMASH books all priced at $14.99!  Wedding, Smarty, Nostalgia, Pretty, International, Retro, Cutie, School Edition, Enviro, Mod, etc. It is the perfect project for your kids this summer!  I plan on giving my babysitter one so she and the kids can "Smash" and stay stimulated all summer long.

No kids in your house?  This is the perfect item for YOU!  Keep record of your super summer.  Glue in ticket stubs, receipts, fortunes, photos and more.  Forget the memorabilia box or drawer. It really is a catch all form of scrapbooking!  


I'm up to 3 now!  I will fill you in on the rest of the order in tomorrow's post or stop by the store and see if you can SNIFF out the amazing paper goodness!


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