Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's the SMALL Things that Make THIS Life MEMORABLE

So here's the deal.  Two nights ago Julia said that she would like a special bookmark for her Rainbow Magic books.  Anyone who knows a little girl, ages 7-11, knows what Rainbow Magic novels are.  They are stories about fairies of every shape, colour, occasion, etc (there must be hundreds in the collection!).  So after she made this comment, I immediately said, "I can make you one."  Julia was excited (maybe even more excited than I realized).  And that night, I went on my way moving from task to task.

Yesterday before bed, Julia found me designing invitations at the computer and said, "Mom, do you think you will have time to make my bookmark tonight?"  Oh of those palm to forehead moments!  Honestly, it had completely slipped my mind and I was not even aware of this promise until she brought it up again.  Julia even went as far as writing me a little note and left it near the computer so I would remember...this HAD to get done!

But, life is SOOO Busy!
Do you ever find yourself in this situation?  Life gets so busy that you stop doing the little things, things that you have committed to....things that others are counting on.  The bookmark and MY promise was important to Julia and it wasn't even on my radar.

So last night I headed down to my craft room and came up with this little bookmark.  It was so fun creating this for MY little girl.  I was pleased that I was able to find the Unity fairy stamp that I knew would be perfect.  All the other goodies are rub-ons, scrap paper and stickers that I had in my stash.

Techniques to Share?  Not Really.
By no means is this project over-the-top in my mind...filled with techniques to share with you.  But you know what?  It was over-the-top in Julia's mind.  She told me her favourite parts included the glittery heart, butterfly, flowers, where I signed my name and ribbon (so pretty much everything!).  Julia even brought her book, complete with bookmark, to school to show her friends and teacher.  Now THAT made my day!

Lesson's Learned
I think I learned a few thing from my 8 year old this week:
  • Follow through with commitments as they may be important to others
  • Creating projects, no matter how small, is just plain FUN!
  • Play to your audience.  Honestly, there is no need to search Pinterest or the Internet endlessly to find ideas for projects.  This activity is a time waster!  Truly, your friend, dad, hubby, son, daughter will be THRILLED with anything you do!  Only if it is a card for a fellow crafter, that you may have to stress a little ;)  Ha.
  • Doing little things for others can be such a boost to your own happiness.
So what do you think?  Are you ready to create?  Are you ready to make someones day?


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CraftyViolet said...

I pretty much have to create something and post it to my blog every day or the day doesn't seem complete. All my daughters, their spouses and all my grandchildren, except the 14 year old with Dyslexia, are avid readers and I'm forever making bookmarks for them.

Betty Meyskens said...

Kim - I love your lessons learned. Those are great words of wisdom. I find the same with my grandson - if I promise to do crafts with him - he doesn't let me forget. We have to remember what is important in life. The bookmark is so cute and because it is handmade it makes it even more special.

K1 said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Violet and Betty! I'm trying to get my work done tonight so I can play some more!

Keep up the good work ladies!