Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Left-side vs. Right-side

This time each year I am reminded of how weird I truly am.  Maybe "weird" is a strong word. Maybe I should use the word "diverse" or "balanced" based on the photo above. It's funny because I found myself in heaven over the last few weeks.  And not because of all the new product we have seen in the store but because of numbers.  Numbers and spreadsheets have been filling my head while I completed our tax returns!  And I have LOVED every moment of it!  Ha.  Today was the most amazing left-side brain day as I inputted the final numbers and raced to get the files in on time!  Some of you may not know but I am a Certified Management Accountant so the statements above may all make sense now....I know I am sick!  Ha.

And now that taxes are complete for another year, it is time to move onto my other love....my right-side love.....PAPER and beautiful creative products!  Today too was the ultimately, amazing day for my right-side brain as I stopped by the store to get one final number, only to find a box from my Memory Box supplier!  This I knew was THE MASSIVE order I had been waiting for!  

Check out how the order filled my kitchen table, errrr receiving station.  Many of these are brand spankin' new!  We've got bikes, grills, fun drink glasses, houses, flowers, trees, dresses and forms and MORE!  Zoom in and see which one is your favourite!  PS....the Modern Landscape die that I used on the Zonta card is back in stock...but maybe not for long!

Hope to see you soon!

PS....for all you Peel-Off fans.....In this order, we also received some great new Peel-Off borders (roses, flowers and Christmas designs)!

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Jackie Plank said...

Oh they look delish!!