Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweet Thing...the moon is high & the night is young

You ever love something so much you just can't stand it? Like it sometimes is just too much for your mind to comprehend? Well, that is me at this very moment. I know what you are all she goes, talking about all the new and beautiful product that is in The Pickle right now. Or how I LOVE this time of the year SO much! Well, this is all true but I have an even bigger love this evening.

It's Keith Urban on American Idol

Who's with me on this one?  I just spent two hours glued to the tv just waiting for them to zoom in on him during a performance.  This man can seriously do no wrong in my eyes.  Not only is he beautiful, he is articulate.  He is funny.  He is witty.  He has an Australian accent.  He is beautiful....wait.  Did I say that already?

Time to Focus
Funny.  I told myself I HAD to get to bed earlier tonight.  And now, thanks to Keith, I am blogging after 11pm!  Darn accent...

So hey.  All you paper crafting fans out there, you may want to pop into the store tomorrow or Saturday.  I BIG shipment of Spellbinders and Memory Box dies have arrived.  Many of the just released items are here!  Do you see your favourites in our photos?  Thanks to Debbie's hard work, these items are unpacked and just waiting to find a good home.

Many Other New Items
The number of new 6x6 pads, 12x12 collection packs and new embellishments we have in store right now is just insane.  Recognize some of these names:  Mammarazzi, Yes Please, Party Day, MME Collectibles, Kneehigh, Bow Ties, etc.  There is only one store in Chatham where you will find all these dill-icious new lines.... 

See you soon....K

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Jackie Plank said...

Oh darn you Kim, how could you do this to me right now? I am so broke a breath of wind would break me in half and I see all sorts of dies there that I MUST have!!! Do you need some help in the store? I could work some off LOL