Saturday, March 2, 2013

I've Got this Warm Fuzzy Feelin'...

You can always tell the photos that I take of product at home.  They always have this warm and fuzzy aura.  I believe it has something to do with when the energy of new product is added to the energy of my home.  Something is created that is almost intoxicating and almost beyond happy.  Actually, it just came to me....I think this is the look of love!  Ok.  Look at the picture above and tell me you can't see it.  See!  You do see it!  That is love!  Ha.  Do you feel that way when you get your Pickle "stash" home or am I the only one?

New.  New.  New.
Well I better get on with the show here or we could be here all night/day depending on when you are reading this!  So as you can tell, I am just a little excited about all the new product that has been pouring into the store over the past two weeks.  Last week the BIG deal was the new Smash Books and Memory Box Dies.  

This week we have one more new Smash Book design called Couture.  It has a silver metallic spine that would attract any fashionista.  Check her out...

They have even added foil designs to this album!

6x6 = 36 F.U.N!

Cardmakers love them because of their reduced designs!  Scrapbookers love them because they are only $6 and you can get full collections of paper.  I love them because they are so easy to use.  You know each and every paper works together.  And sometimes one new little pad gives you that jump start that your creative self needs from time to time!  Um.  This is not all.  There are like a million new pads in the store!  Ha!  Well, almost....

Just in Case you like to Super Size it....
I have also brought many of these Collections in as 12x12 Collection packs as well.  These come with full lines of paper in 12x12 size and usually have fun stickers or die cuts.  Have a look at the fun boy and girl lines by My Mind's Eye.

They have done it again.  Spellbinders have just come out with the most fabulous release.  Have a look at all the new ones we have in stock now!  And just so you know, the other three sides are FULL of amazing dies!

Sorry for the picture quality....I think I was shaking when I took the photo 'cuz I was so excited!  Actually, no...I think I captured it again.  Yup.  There it is....LOVE!


PS...Stop in and see me Saturday 9:30am-3pm and see if you can find a little love or even come in and be nosy.  Our renovations are coming along SO nicely!  The drywall is going up.  It won't be long now!

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