Monday, December 3, 2012

Get what YOU want locally - Why not order from The Pickle?

I just love how my customers are so open with suggestions and ways to make The Paper Pickle even better!  Let me share a little story with you....last week a woman (let's call her J) emailed me and asked if I had the Tim Holtz Distress Markers in the store.  I proceeded to tell her that I did not but I would LOVE to order them in for her.  I told her that between my two suppliers, I can pretty much order ANY paper crafting items in.  I thanked her for thinking of "The Pickle" first for this purchase.  And this is when the magic happened, the "ah-ha" moment if you will....She said "who else would I think of?  Order them online and spend my money out of country when our own country needs it so badly.  I believe in keeping our spending in our own country".  Whoa.  I couldn't help but rub my eyes and wonder if I was reading correctly.  And you know what J, what if we even took that thought one step closer and say "I believe in keeping our spending in our own city...the city of Chatham-Kent"?  

I will not go on and on about this but I will say that this email conversation taught me two three lessons:
  1. It is time for me to better promote the fact that I can order items in for you.  I would love to help you find the products you drool over when seen on the various blogs!  I mean, I'm drooling over here wondering if you guys would even like it and if I should bring it in!  Your requests would give me that little push that I sometimes need!!  NOW, the best way for me to help you is for you to send me an email to  I check this email account regularly throughout the day from my computer or phone (my new boss does not mind!).  If you give me the company name, item name and number, I can tell you quickly whether I can get it in or not.  Most new items are available!  The times I run into trouble is when the items have been out for a while and may now be out of production.  I find with paper crafting, you have to grab the product while you can.  OR trouble occurs if it is a product called Memory Box.  This company is SO hot, it is almost impossible to get these dies in....FYI:  my order is expected THIS week!  I know all of you looking for THE window die will be happy!
  2. It is time for me to list my pricing online (or on the blog at least) for all items that I have brought in for us.  That way, you can see that it is my mission to be price competitive and there is no need to order from The WKW Co. (that's short for Who Knows Who Company) online!
  3. There are people out there that "get it"....this give me hope as a small business owner.
Thank you to those of you who choose The Paper Pickle.  Your patronage does not go unnoticed.


PS...Look for many more post over the next couple of weeks!  I have so many new goodies that I MUST share with you (with prices included)!  Seriously, if you have not been into the store in the last two weeks, you will not even believe the new products and companies we are now carrying!


"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Fabulous idea Kim ..... this would help the out of towners for sure. Your pricing is always acceptional but nothing beats the smiling friendly faces behind the counter!

Debbie said...

Local shops are always my "go to first" choice for shopping. The Paper Pickle has always gone above and beyond to find what I am looking for. I leave your store with great ideas after talking with you and Deb. You can't get that online. Thanks for your great service at the best prices.

K1 said...

Ahhh... You ladies are too kind! I appreciate the comments.

LindaH said...

I SO get it and love supporting CK stores and especially YOURS! I'm even more passionate about it since I'm now working downtown and would LOVE to see our adorable city thrive!

FYI....downtown rink had ice today! workers were sliding on it! TONS of newly poured cement is almost ready to be walked on. glasshouse was busy starting to update the live greenery inside the mall and bringing in HUGE rocks! The mall was hopping with excitement today!