Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back to Simpler Times - A New Concept?

So I normally like to post at least a couple of times a week to keep you guys in the loop with the happenings of The Paper Pickle.  I share new product information, special events and sometimes often ramble on about my life.  Today I am having a very difficult time finding words that will be light and entertaining.  With the events of yesterday, I think many of us have found ourselves touched and altered permanently.  It's funny how this can be the case, when many of us have no direct connection.  What got me what when I was watching 20/20 and they interviewed this little girl who was missing her two front teeth.  She reminded me so much of my daughter, Julia.  It was if that could have been her.  What if that was her?  What if she had been there?

Back to Simpler Times
This leads me to my point.  It is something I have been wanting to do for sometime now.....I think it is time to get back to simpler times and I think you guys are just the people to help me lead the charge.  It is time for all of us to slow down.  To not do things just so we can check them off our list.  Remember, each of these moments, each of these to-do items make up our life.  This is your life!

I would like to start posting little things on the blog about things we can do to bring joy to others through our love of the hobby.  If we all start doing these little things, I believe we can bring more love to those we know, more appreciation for others in the communities in which we live and ultimately more peace in our lives.

A Small Application - Gift Wrapping
Take wrapping your gifts for example.  Are you the type who runs to the dollar store, buys any old bag and tissue just so wrapping will be a breeze?  There is nothing wrong with this practice but do you realize how much fun and meaningful it can be to wrap a gift?  Here is what I like to do....turn on some music - ideally music that reminds you of that special person or when all else fails, how about some Christmas tunes?  Then go to my collection of wrapping paper (notice the key word here...collection!  I LOVE paper in ALL forms!) and pick a paper that I know that special person will love and I take my time adding little goodies like ribbons and tags or other fun embellishments (and we all know we got a few of those!).  All of this must coordinate with the gift and person in mind.  Have a look at the gift I just wrapped for my cousin's baby shower.  It uses very inexpensive kraft wrap, a little twine and literally scraps of decorative paper I had in my pile.  A little money spent and little extra time but a big payout when I see her smile....

Assembled with love....the adorable hat was attached with a large glue dot to keep it in place.

The gift without the adorable bear hat.
I once heard someone say "No one notices the packaging or wrapping."  Really?  When you take that little extra time to pull a gift together, that person will know that you thought of them all the while.  I do know there are others out there who will agree with this idea and live by it.  Now don't get me wrong....the packaging and wrapping does not have to be extravagant.  It can be some old kraft packaging paper like I used here or newspaper shredded and crimped in the bottom of a fun basket or jar or what about wrapping a baby gift with reusable swaddle blankets or cheese cloth?  This use to be common practice in simpler times....ah.  Simpler times.

I would love to hear some of the simple things you do to bring joy to others through your love of hobbies.  Please feel free to share here on the blog or come in and chat.  I know gift wrapping ideas will not change the world, but maybe our mindsets while partaking in these activities will....


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Marcie S. said...

It's not a new concept, but it's a much loved one...just add a little tag to that bottle of wine you take with you to your next holiday dinner. Maybe you give a bottle to your neighbour, your best girlfriend, whomever!!! Instead of just passing it along, tie a cute handcrafted tag around the bottle with some sort of holiday greeting/decoration and it will have happy results! Maybe they'll be so grateful they will share a glass of it with you!!