Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day!  I don't know about you but I love Valentine's Day because it gives you the right to eat chocolate or cupcakes all day....even for breakfast.  That's a rule of Valentine's Day, right?  

So as a VERY special treat to my customers, I have asked my TRULY TALENTED sister, Jen to bake us up some of her famous cupcakes!  Here is a photo of what you can expect every time from Jen.....beautiful presentation, attention to detail and a high quality product made from scratch!

I am not sure if you have heard of Jen's baking yet, but trust me, it is SO delicious (and I am not just saying that!).  If you came to our Christmas Open House just last November, you would have sampled these melt in your mouth morsels of heaven.  Jen's cupcakes are bigger than a mini but smaller than a regular size cupcake....the perfect size if you ask me!  If you are ever interested in placing an order, I have Jen's cards available here at the store.  

So again I ask, will you be my valentine?  Say yes, and grab your cupcake today!  Oh yeah and since I have a very nice sugar high going on right now, how about 10% OFF your purchase if you mention you saw this post!  Ah....I believe it would be a much better world if we all started our day with a red velvet cream cheese cupcake from Jen!

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