Friday, February 10, 2012

I NEED your help!!!! Calling all RIBBON fans.

So I have a BIG problem.  I am working on invitations for a girl and only recently I found out that the ribbon that we were using is now is NO where to be found!  The bride has her heart set on this ribbon and I only have about half of what I need.  The ribbon is a beautiful eggplant organza ribbon with glitter all over it.  It is 7/8" in width.  We have had it in black, crimson, teal and eggplant (dark purple).  I think it is the only ribbon we have ever carried that was glittery like this.  We have carried for many years.  Here is a photo of the ribbon I am looking for.....

So this is where the deal gets sweet for you.................If you have this ribbon, I am willing to trade you whatever you have for 5 times of something else!  A win-win if you ask me!  Please give me a call at the store 519.351.5220 if you think you can help and let me know how much you have.  If I do not have enough by the beginning of next week, we will have to resort to Plan B.  Honestly, I truly appreciate you checking your stash for me!

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