Friday, August 20, 2010

She is Me...

So what happens when you take Basic Grey's Kioshi Collection, add it to the Maya Road card deck and then stamp with Unity's She Said set? A pretty darn cute project if I do say so myself!

Honestly, I have been bound and determined to work with these stamps and paper since they came in.
Are you interested in hearing my creative process?
Well as always, when I am creating, I start out in one direction and then end up with a completely different project in the end! I usually choose my theme and then paper and then I try to find pictures that work with both of these elements. (Note: this is how I like to work with mini is different when I work on a single photo project like a canvas....THEN I choose the photo and THEN the paper). I like to work with the various collection packs because I know that all the papers and embellishments (including letter stickers and embellishment stickers) all work together and that takes a lot of the guessing out of the equation.
I knew I wanted this project to be for me and be about me. This is something that I know a lot of people are not comfortable with. I feel like I am always working on projects for other family members or other people but rarely do I complete a project for me. The Kioshi collection is VERY girlie and I knew this would be perfect for my "Kim" album.
Anyways, when I started pulling the photos for my large acrylic heart album, it just wasn't doing it for me. Then I chose to scale the project down to these adorable 2.5x3.5 cards in the Maya Road card deck. There is not much room for photos and that was perfectly fine for me!
I added my favourite Kioshi paper to the cards. I liked this line because the papers are double sided so you have double the possibilities. I used US Art Quests Perfect Paper Adhesive to paste the paper to the chipboard cards. Have I told you how much I LOVE this product? I always work with the matte because you can use it to paste your paper down and then you can brush it all over the top of the paper to seal it. It is so matte that the true colours in your paper always come through.
Then I started stamping the various "She Said" sayings to each card. Each verse really spoke to me and was very relevant. I then stamped lines onto the back of the cards and journalled about each verse and how it related to me.
Oh, I should take a step back. It's funny but the Kioshi line is very "pastelly" and pretty but just a little too clean for my liking. The moment I distressed the edges with the sponge dauber and black ink, it was just SO ME. I mean, have a look.....even the girl looks like me!
Subtle embellishments and products were used like glitter, glossy accent, stickers from the collection pack and my new favourite - Copics Atyou Spica pens! They come in 24 different colours and the sparkle you get from them is just gorgeous.
It felt so good to create! I have to admit that this project has been going wherever I have gone for the last two weeks....I take it to the store and then I bring it home each night. In the beginning, I even carried it to various rooms of my house. That just shows you how much I LOVE my project AND shows you how much of a NERD I am!!
PS....I've got another project in my mind and the products here at my house. I hope this will be a successfully creative weekend for me!! Stay tuned....


Marcie S. said...

This kind of project is the reason why you are so successful at what you do Kim! Your creativity and excitement for crafting is what keeps me coming back again and again to the Pickle!! :)

askusaqsue said...

What a wonderful blog! You two are special ladies, and I have missed talking with you, but am glad to have found your blog. A little connection. Sue
USArtQuest, Inc.

K1 said...

Aw shucks....You girls have just made my day! Just crafting with my little girl, Jules, while the boy sleeps. These comments have inspired me.

"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Hi your little project and yes your name is written all over this....sooo You! Of course I love the "glitter" you added for that extra punch!

K1 said...

Thanks Brenda. I am having a blast! You should see what I worked on this weekend....I will be posting later in the week!