Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shop Local - Etsy Event

Hi everyone! One quick post before you will be seeing picture of Kell's sweet babe! That's is the day (I think). I am saying I think because they planned to break her water this morning at 8am but there were no birthing rooms available so she is on hold until this afternoon! (FYI...Kell is standing beside me at this exact moment and she said they are calling her at 3PM to tell her more!) Honestly, that baby is TOO comfortable in there for sure!

So I have been wanting to post something about shopping locally for some time now and now I have the perfect reason to. Have a look at the poster for all the details. Basically, tomorrow night there will be handmade show at Eve Chocolatier from 7-10pm. Now these Chatham-Kent Etsy girls are amazing and we all know that Pauline's chocolate is the best so don't miss this great chance to shop locally AND handmade (and I know we all appreciate handmade products!)

So I don't want to abuse this blog and preach about shopping locally but I think some of you may be unaware of some of the cute, hip and just plain amazing stores we have in this town. Many of the stores carry items that are featured in magazines as their top picks too! Here are some of my favourites (this list is not inclusive but those that I am thinking about at this very moment):
  • Ella Minnow Pea (King Street)- OK...if you are looking for GREAT toys, this is THE store for you. She carries toys made of recycled products, wooden toys, vintage toys and even some adorable clothing.
  • Barrypatch Collectables (King Street)- If you have a pottery lover on your Christmas list, Barb has probably the best collection of local potters. There are also great dips to go along with your pottery pieces.
  • Eve Chocolatier (King Street) - As mentioned, Pauline specializes in handmade chocolate truffles and other unique designs including white chocolate dipped marshmallow snowmen!
  • Sonya Roe Jewellers (King Street) - I just drool every time I walk by Sonya's window....she always has the best windows. She carries a range of jewellery from $20 sterling silver earrings up to diamond rings worth $1000. Hopefully you have been good this year and you can get something from her!
  • Boys N Herd (King Street)- Let Eddie help find the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. Maybe you will even be lucky enough to get a little advice about life from this very knowledgeable man.
  • Smith's Cycle and More (Thames Street) - Looking to buy a bicycle for your child or family member? Todd will not only sell you a great quality product but he will also let you trade in that same bicycle once it has been outgrown.

Well, that gives you a good start anyways. Like I said, this is not a complete list of great stores (I could go on and on but I am suppose to be working on invites here and not blogging!). I dare you to look around and see what hidden gems you can find!

PS...The Kaiser Craft desk calendars have arrived! They are $16.50 and a great gift idea!

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Jen Merritt said...

I know I've been here before, but I was linking our site to yours (ours being the CK Etsy Team) and came across your plug - thanks!!!! And also I'm really enjoying reading your blog. You are great Kim and Kelly!!!