Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby Update...

Hello Ladies!

This is Kell posting today, so as you've guessed, STILL NO BABY!!! I am anxiously waiting for some sort of feeling to let me know today is the day, but nothin'. Tomorrow I will be one week over due, which I know is nothing compared to some of you! I've heard some pretty wild stories in the past few weeks!

So I wanted to share a few things that I have been doing the past few weeks...

The first thing I wanted to share is my belly photo session! Matt and I went to get pregnancy pic's done, and I am SO thrilled! We went to London, to a very talented photographer Cynthia, and here is my absolute favourite picture! I just LOVE the shape of the babe... kinda like a pear in there. You can check out her work at, hopefully we'll see some of my pic's on her site someday! I just booked a newborn session for December 1st... I can't wait!!!

Ok, so now I need some advice of what to do to get this baby moving. I thought I'd tell you what I have tried in the past week, and then you can tell me what I am missing?

Here we go, I have...
- been drinking Raspberry leaf tea every day
- been walking 30- 45 minutes most days
- ate pineapple many days (I just learned of this last weekend?)
- cleaned EVERY room in my entire house (do I ever have a happy husband!)
- organized all my kitchen cupboards, including my Tupperware cupboard! (I know I said to some of you at the open house, that is probably what I would have to do to have the baby... well that didn't work, I did that last Saturday night!)
- washed the kitchen cupboards inside and out!
- scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors on my hands and knees
- made plans and went to the craft show on Sunday with Kim and the kiddies
- made more plans, and had and amazing dinner at Chef's Table to celebrate or 3rd anniversary.
- been creating... you'll see the advent calendar I made below, which I have been wanting to make for weeks!
- put up all of my Christmas decorations yesterday
- packed and re-packed my hospital waaaaay too many times!
- bounced on my exercise ball
- had naps some days
- didn't naps some days
- worked at the store some days
- worked at home most days
- got all of my thank you cards out from my baby shower
- made a playlist of music for the hospital
- went shopping out of town (well, it was only 15 minutes away to Blenheim, but still, out of Chatham)
- (I think) we finally finalized a girls name... boy has been set for a long time.

So my list of things to do before the baby comes has grown and grown as I wait. All I have left on my list is this (to post a baby update) and put batteries in all of the babe's things. Any suggestions of anything I haven't thought of?

But good news, if I don't go in this weekend, I will be induced on Tuesday, so hopefully by Wednesday there will definitely be a baby!!!

With a clean, organized craft room, I am so inspired to create right now!

Like I said above, I made an advent calendar this week. The basic box itself is from Karen Foster, it just comes plain white, and then you get to decorate it however you want! How fun would this be for kids for a Birthday, or Easter, or end of the school year countdown? It's endless all of the things you can countdown! Or why not even a little reward box rather than a countdown?

I had a whole bunch of Halloween candy left, so I put little treats in each box. I have the sample in

the store if you want to check it out!
I've used mainly Making Memories "Mistletoe" Christmas paper and embellishments, I love every bit of it! The other three papers I used were Jillibean Soup's "can tomato soup", g.c.d. "snowflake" and My Mind's Eye "under the tree", they all work so great together!

To give it some dimension, and to help me open some of the drawers (these swollen fingers weren't fitting in the holes very easily!) I used some Karen Foster sparkle brads and made some ribbon tabs. The numbers seen on here are actually stickers that come with the box.

Hopefully tomorrow I will post my project I am currently working on... it is a desk calendar by Kaiser Craft! I am trying to work on projects that will make great Christmas gifts... did you realize it is only 36 days away! Yey, I can't wait!


scrappygirl said...

Kelly--what a Beautiful photo of the "three" of you! It is just so elegant!! I cannot believe all that you have achieved in th past week!! wow! If you run out of rooms to clean--I do have some here you could work on! I just love th Advent Calendar! It turned out great--I saw IRL in the store today. Good luck on trying to get baby to be ready for the world. I am thinking of you and hope you have a wonderful delivery!

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous picture Kelly!! and I DO think cleaning is the ticket, only it has to be MY house - then it will work I am sure of it! or eat turkey - have an American Thanksgiving dinner early - turkey it is! Good Luck!

CraftyViolet said...

Love the picture! Sounds like you have tried everything to bring baby into the world but I still remember telling my Grandma what day my first child was due and she laughed and said "the apples fall when they are ready dear". She was right, one was 10 days late, one was 5 weeks early, the other was almost 5 weeks late!!! Yes, 5 weeks late!! So hang in there and if you get real bored, walk up to my house and scrap with me!!!

LindaH said...

i'm gonna make a baby card today and it will need a you just tell that baby if he/she wants a card, it better get a move on! LOL! i'm SURE that will work!

kate said...

kelly! my mother says to make a cake! She says it worked for her so maybe give it a try?

Buttons Ribbons and Pearls said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture! It took my breath away! You are definitiely in "nesting" mode. Wishing you all the best and can't wait for you to experience the joys of motherhood. ;D Tracy Cornhill