Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My "Vintage Seamstress' Studio" - Wedding Show 2018

Fact 1:  I LOVE paper.  (Can you hear me saying it the way Oprah does in her commercial?  Ha.)
Fact 2:  I LOVE designing and creating projects for both myself and my customers.
Fact 3:  I live to plan parties and I just love when things come together to create something magical.

This year I felt like my booth at the Chatham-Kent Wedding Show was magical.  My vintage inspired seamstress' studio.  Let me take you in and show you around.....

Imagine walking through these doors to find the prettiest of creations.  You can feel the love the moment you set foot in this space.  Each and every customers' needs are carefully assessed and their vision is brought to life with attention to detail.

Of course she would have a Singer.  Only the best tools for her to work her magic.  Oh.  Please don't mind the mess with vintage spools and trims here and there.  Besides this IS her studio.

Sometimes a girl's got to type a letter or two to customers. No time to type today....Let's use this beautiful tool to display her latest designs.  Fun with fonts?  Any time.  Any where.

 Pretty projects are hanging everywhere!  She loves to showcase her designs for others to see.

She has the most imaginative of customers with ideas all their own.  She listens intently and makes their ideas happen.  With over 14 years of experience, she gets a little excited when they want to do something a little different.  Her work is a reflection of her customer's personality.

It's a nautical kind of day you say?  She says set sail.....the time is right.

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses. She likes her pretty things and doesn't mind a flower or two in her work space. 

 More lovely creations that have brought joy to her customers.

Phew.  That was quite the tour.  Please won't you sit for a cup of tea?

So what did you think?  Magical?  ♥  Let me share my love of design with you for your next event.  I will help bring your ideas to life.  I'm creative, professional and fun.  Let's do this....together!


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