Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Open House LOVE

The Paper Pickle is like a child to me.  I guess I could say that The Paper Pickle is my first "baby".  Born in 2003, she has had quite the journey.  We have watched her grow and blossom.  We have watched her change with the times, growing and expanding as the hobby exploded.  She has also downsized (she was small but mighty!).  She has had roommates (Dekoko's & Homebaked) over the years.  She has believed that family is number one (Debbie and Homebaked Kitchen).  She has made friends.....many, many friends over the years.  You have been apart of her life and she in yours.

Like any proud mother, I enjoy watching her at her best.  The one day each year that she shines brightest is at the Christmas Open House.  Oh does she shine!  Full of hustle and bustle.  Full of creativity.  Full of love.  This year brought a smile to my face as we were jam packed with people for hours on end.  You were strolling and looking and thinking and making and taking and chatting and catching up and....oh it was wonderful.  

Thank you to those who came out to celebrate the season with us.  I know this is a very busy time and for you to make time to join us meant so much.  I know many of you were here in spirit and this is appreciated too.  You have heard this before but I will never tire of saying "your support means so much".  

There is still lots of time to stop in and grab a few supplies to make a special gift for a loved one.  Grab a few goodies and wrap your gifts like no ones business!  We've got lots of great examples and supplies in stock now.  Beautiful kraft boxes are just begging to be dressed with your own personal style.  Show 'em what you got!  Enjoy the holiday.  Celebrate the process.  And most of all have FUN!  

♥ Kim

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