Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hello Pretty Girl!

Say hello to my new friend. Isn't she all pretty?  She is soft and huggable but be careful....She could blow up under extreme pressure (but who doesn't?). But I love her. She has incredible sense of style with her cream, pink, black and gold fringe. Even her adorable bunting is "en vogue".


It's hard to see here but she is BIG....and I do mean that with the utmost respect. She certainly gets noticed wherever she goes. 

She came into my life Sunday where she attended a very special baby shower. She wanted to see the store and she has fallen in love and will not leave (we get that a lot!)

If you want to meet this pretty girl, stop by The Pickle. As you can see she is very photogenic and would dress up any photo shoot or party. 

Appearing this week only!  Stop by and say hi!


PS....Detail - Balloon Kit (available in pink only $12.99 and I went to Pizzazz in Chatham to fill ($10). 

Store Hours
Wed-Fri - 10am-5pm
Sat - 10am-3pm

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