Friday, December 11, 2015

Wrap Your Holidays in Love

Life is all about the details.  This is a phrase that I use quite often.  It can mean many different things including slowing down to stop and smell the roses or doing small things to bring joy to your every day.  If we could only slow down and stop rushing through our to-do list, we would realize that these small details and gestures speak volumes.

Have a look at the little box above.  A small 3x3 cube box tied with seam binding ribbon and a small winter sprig of pine cones.  With one glance, you can see that this gift was wrapped with love.  Time was taken to think about the recipient and the box wrapped to make the person smile and feel loved.  THIS is what gift giving is about.  It is not just about the item purchased but the time and care that went into decisions and wrapping.

Don't forget that many of the beautiful supplies you have in your craft room can be used to dress your presents.  Bands of decorative scrapbooking papers, washi tape, ribbons and more can be used to add life to simple boxes like the ones below.  Why not use some of your chipboard pieces or stickers?  And don't worry if the items are coming from collections that not necessarily holiday.  Stars, woodland animals and vintage images make amazing accents on any present.

These boxes are ready for a little love!

Go ahead!  Have a little fun this Christmas season.  I dare you.


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on a good day said...

Excellent ideas!!! TFS. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Crafting all the way! Germaine