Friday, March 6, 2015

Never say Never...Spellbinders - In'spire!

Great card stock envelope for storage
There is a popular saying....never say never.  I once said that I was never going to carry Spellbinders in the store because Michael's carries Spellbinders.  The problem is that they only stock the older dies (which we all have) and not many of the newer designs.  I could not resist these gorgeous dies and HAD to have them.  There is a whole line called Inspire which are image dies versus shapes only.  The packaging is beautiful (see above), the quality is great and the price is right ($12.99 each).  

Be sure to open the envelope to see the true size of the die(s) and to see how many dies you get.  For example the cowboy boots below are actually TWO dies and not joined like the image shows below.

Have a look at a few of the others we just got in:

Funny side note:  I'm typing this post with my 6 year old son on my lap.
He knew the name of  all the other images above
but is struggling to find the name of this item above!
I better teach this boy!

Have a look at a card Becca Feeken designed using the typewriter die above.  Is she not INCREDIBLE?!?

Class Update

So back in 2009, Kell and I spent the better half of one CHA day stalking Paris Hilton.  She was there releasing a new scrapbooking line (full story here).  While we were there, one of her entourage passed me one of these cards and I hate to do it, but guys I'm going to have to use it today....

Debbie and I have been busy trying to create beautiful, original projects for classes but sometimes the creative process can be slow.  I know I promised that I would post classes no later than Saturday but the projects are not quite there and I will be asking for an extension.  I do promise that they will be posted NO LATER than Wednesday, March 11.  If on that day, classes are not posted, I will not pass go.  I will not collect $200 and I will advance to jail and let me tell you that after watching 20/20's special episode on prisons last week, I can tell you that this girl would never last one day there.  So I will stay true to my word.

Keep keeping on...


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