Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finding Beauty in Everything...

Beautiful to me

So yesterday while I was running errands for my other job, my travels took me down the residential section of King Street in Chatham.  There were many items at the road with a sign saying "FREE".  And look what I found!  It was like winning the lottery!  It was dusty but I could see the beauty in this well crafted piece of furniture.  I washed "her" up last night and all that is left to do is sand down a few rough spots and add a little stain and she will be as good as new in my mind.  You are definitely going to see this girl in the new store (New store?  Better save that story for a post later this week!)

So the moral of the story is that one man's junk is another man's treasure and if you find beauty in something, celebrate it!  This can hold true for your crafting.  If you think what you created is beautiful, that is all that matters.  Don't compare yourself to others and make yourself feel unworthy!  It's all about celebrating the little things!

New Foil Tapes

Another shipment of gorgeous foil tapes from Little B have arrived!  Check out our treasure chest and see what you think.

Here are a few of the styles up close.  To tell you the truth, these images do nothing for this product.  When you see the tapes in person and see how shiny the foil is, you will be amazed.  I also love how these tapes stick and basically blend in with any project.  They don't have that tacky glossy shine that some tapes do.  They are like washi tapes taken to the next level and boy do I love it!

Well, I better get going here at my other job!  I'd hate to get fired.


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