Thursday, March 27, 2014

Business as USUAL at The Pickle

I have been bombarded with questions about what will happen to The Paper Pickle now that Dekoko's is closing at the end of this month.  I appreciate your concern but please know that I have NO intention of closing!  I had briefly talked about this at the end of my post yesterday but I think I need to be more clear.

The Paper Pickle is currently in out 11th year of business and I have worked very hard over these years to run a business that I am proud of (and I know you are too).  A year and a half ago I moved the business into unit 1 of 44 Fourth Street and was subletting from Dekoko's.  It has taken me a year and a half to convince you that I am in this for the long haul and you have supported me as I have transitioned into the new location.  I truly appreciate your support!  We have worked together to figure out what product is wanted and needed.  You have spoken and I have listened.  I have recently mentioned that I am pleased to have the store looking so amazing and product level and offering comparable to that of the old store.  Honestly, we have SO much in stock right now and it is all the latest and greatest (fyi...a bunch of new Tim stencils and blending tools have arrived).

I Need YOUR Help...
I am going to need your help though!  I need you to spread the word that The Paper Pickle is NOT closing.  Please tell others that we are STILL located at 44 Fourth Street and have had that address since APRIL 2005!  If you can help with this, I would be so happy.  You don't even understand that even after moving from Unit 3 44 Fourth Street to Unit 1 44 Fourth Street 1.5 years ago, I STILL have people calling to see where I am located and that they had heard I had closed.  I really do not want these changes with Dekoko's to affect my business that I have worked very hard to grow.

Thank you for your continued support and love.  It means everything to me.


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Wed-Fri - 10am-5pm
Sat. 9:30am-3pm

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Debbie said...

I will miss the only place in Chatham to get a great latte but am extremely happy and grateful the best paper crafting store in the area will still be there. Thanks for continuing to inspire us with your projects and offering a super selection of current products.