Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Everything Changes, yet stays the Same

So you guys were probably wondering what I would be carrying in the new store.  Wondering if I would keep it fresh.  Well, as I have said, I plan to bring you the latest in paper crafting products.  I only bring in product that I like and I hope you like some of these new things too!  You may want to grab a pen and paper and start making your Christmas Wish List!!

Basic Grey - Lucille
I will just point out now that this may be my new favourite line.  Love the colours.  Love the designs.  And check out the must have embellishments.  It takes me back to when I was a kid and my mom use to sew all the time!

Basic Grey - Serenade
I went a little light on this line (did you see everything I brought in above!).  This 6x6 pad is so pretty.  If anyone is looking for anything else Serenade, please let me know..... It would be my pleasure to bring it in for you!

Basic Grey - Aspen Frost
This is just about the cutest and easiest way to make your Christmas cards this year.  Twelve cards in total - three styles.  Adorable.  All for $14.99?  You can thank me later for making your life easier!

Washi Tape is Here!
A few people have been asking me to bring in washi tape.  Well here are three styles for you.....use it like ribbon or seal an envelope in style.  More to come including Christmas designs!  I wouldn't mind if Santa filled my stocking with these goodies!!

Memory Box - dies
Memory Box dies are coming in slowly but surely.  Here are some of the styles that are in store now.  Any of you looking for the window, unfortunately we are still waiting for those to come in....so sorry.

SO  what do you think?  Did I "do good"?  Why don't you stop in tomorrow and check some of these things out in real life?  Yes.  It IS Wednesday and the store IS open!

Wednesday 10-5pm
Thursday 10-4pm
Saturday 9-3pm


Elizabeth said...

New hours! Fantastic! :D

LindaH said...

ummmmm....put one of those memory box wreath dies under the counter for me!

K1 said...

You know all my hiding spots already, Linda! Ha! I will squirrel one away.