Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basic Grey & The Pickle: A LOVE Story

The Memories - Love (Shin Splints and All)
The Pickle has had a bit of a crush on Basic Grey since the beginning of time.  This is a company that will always make me smile when I think of Kell and me literally running to their booth on Day 1 of CHA 2005 to see their latest release!  Like really?!?!  Yes....really!  Here we were, running through the Rosemont Convention Centre in our wedge heels to be the first to view and order from this amazing company.  No other company has had this kind of effect on The Pickle girls!

We Were on a Break
I am ready to admit that The Pickle and BG took a little break during the first part of the year.  (Did you notice?  Thanks for not bringing it up in person!)  I still don't remember why it happened....maybe it was an issue over design or colour.  Something just did not feel right and thus the eminent "break".  It doesn't matter now because......

The Pickle + Basic Grey sittin' in a tree....
We are hot and heavy once more....ahhhh.  (You knew it was going to happen!)  How can you not smile when you look at these two new lines?!?  

Introducing Soleil & Aspen Frost:  The perfect Oxymoron Release......enjoy!

These paper are double sided and come in 12x12.  These images show both the
 front, back and a close-up of the pattern.

Pins & Flags:  These are new addition.  SO fun on a project!
These little flags are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.
Add them to a paper project or cupcake to brighten someone's day.

Here is a sample layout using the Soleil products from the BG website.
See those amazing sewn pennants?
I brought them in!  They are gorgeous.

Here is one last look at the Soleil Collection.  I brought in the 6x6 pads too!
This is such a fun line!
Just found out it was designed by BG & Sassafras wonder I love it!

This might have to be my favourite paper.....
the one side looks JUST like birch bark.

Ok....who's ready to make some Christmas cards?!?
The full line is available in 12x12 sheets.
I have also brought in the 6x6 pads.

Aspen Frost Garland.....double sided with no sewing required!
The perfect embellishment.

So now you know the whole story.....are you happy for us? The Pickle & Basic to bring a little love and smiles into your life now and always..... 

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