Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple JOY....Introducing Memory Box Dies & More

Here is a question for you...are you getting more sentimental and appreciative the older you get?  I think I am.  Today I found a sense of calm and happiness in the simplest thing.  These cone flowers from my garden.  I have been meaning to pick some for the last week or more.  So today, even though I was running late and even though it raining, I did it.  I cut some!  

I continued to the store in my usual whirlwind manner and arrived at 9:58am.  Yikes!  (I am definitely in summer mode right now!)  I proceeded to my latest yard sale find (crown mason jars!) and filled it with water and the flowers.  And abracadabra.....time stood still.  Just like that.  Pure joy.  That's all it took.  

I just had to share.  Make sure you find moments like this to slow you down...

Memory Box Dies
So on to business.....Have you heard of memory box dies? They are the latest rage in card making and paper crafting! They are made and very high-quality metal, very similar quality to that of Spellbinder dies. And the designs are just gorgeous! Very intricate.  Have a look at some of the styles we now have in store....

Don't see the one you want in store?  Just ask and I will order it in for you!

Envelopments Cardstock

Here is another moment of pure joy for me.  My Envelopments order arrived.  I was thrilled because I am quite anxious to work on invites for a friend's destination wedding and the pockets I needed were in this order...yay!  I can begin production!  I was also overjoyed to see how beautiful breathtaking some of the new patterned papers were in person.  Have a look up close for yourself.....

Repousse Collection - Imagine using these on a thank you card?
Inkadinkado - Clear Mini Stamps

And more joy?  Yesiree.  Check these out.  Fun.  Clear stamps.  $2.50 each.  You asked for more masculine got them.  They are too fun to pass up.

So what do you think?  Are you feeling the love?  

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Marcie S. said...

Oh boy oh boy!! Time for a visit to the store...I love those Memory Box dies!!