Friday, December 17, 2010

Have YOU found it?

Well, it has taken a little longer than I would have liked but I am THRILLED to tell you that I have found my Christmas Spirit!  I was starting to worry that I was going to have that Bah Humbug look on my face in ALL our family photos this year! happened last night while I was working on my teacher's gifts.  I'm not sure if you remember my little crush from the summer.  He is strong, sleek and when he goes 'Choo-choo' I just melt.....yes, my summer crush was Kaiser Craft's Train Tidy.  There was something about that little project that just made me happy.  I decided that the school needed to have one in both the Toddler and Casa rooms to store things like crayons or pencils, etc.   I packed the cars with baked goods and Eve's Chocolate dipped licorice (my fav).  I then placed MY CRUSH on a cotton lined cardboard box (thanks to a brilliant idea from my Aunt Di). 

The moment I wrapped the whole thing in the white snowflake cello....IT HAPPENED!  I literally giggled aloud and was SO pleased with my special gift for the teachers!  It made me SO happy.  Call me a nerd (don't worry, I do all the time) but I am a paper nerd WITH Christmas spirit!  I hope YOU find your Christmas spirit too.....♥

PS....We are open until 7:30PM tonight!


mommycom said...

You are so talented, Kimmy! You make the rest of us look bad ;). If I didn't love you I WOULD call you a nerd! :D That's awesome--they will LOVE it!!!!

scrappygirl said...

totally adorable!

LindaH said...

i'd say you are a nerd, but a nice and uber talented nerd!

K1 said... girls make me blush! Uber talented? I'm not sure but I will say that it takes one to know one! Ha!