Sunday, July 18, 2010

Calling all Bloggers!

Hey Guys.

I have just had the most amazing weekend. We are so very lucky to have family with cottages on Lake Erie. We took the kids out there for the weekend (our very first getaway) and we survived and enjoyed 'nearly' every moment of it! I think that is a BIG accomplishment with two kids ages 2 and 4! Today I am feeling so very blessed and just plain happy with life.

All these warm and fuzzy feelings have had me thinking about an idea that I have had for some time......I know there are some UBER talented customers and followers out there. I would love to make our blog one that will unite all those "crazy stampers and scrapbookers" out there (and you know we really are so crazy and passionate about what we do!). So I am calling ALL BLOGGERS to send me your links so I can add them to my page. I absolutely ♥LOVE♥ when people bring in their cards and layouts to show what they have been doing with all this GORGEOUS product that we sell.....but that is not always very easy for everyone.....PLUS I am the only one who gets to drool over the end products and I want to SHARE! So I am asking you to send me your blog links and I will post them on our blog so we can all draw inspiration from each other. All submissions will go into my folder called "Pickle Friends". I mean, I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE when someone comments on a projects that I worked on. To me, the best part of the paper crafting is SHARING our love of paper and the hobby and the reactions they ignite!


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