Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter CHA - Day 2 - "I'd like to buy a vowel"

Ok...after our crazy day of star stalking yesterday, we knew we had to get down to business. We had to cover the second half of the show and we did it! Again, it was an eventful day including one evacuation of the entire convention (yes, for real), one run in with a celebrity (the very petite Vanna White....and no we did not stalk her. We just "happened" to show up at Lion Brand Yarns booth the moment the fashion show with Vanna began) and two very cool classes (one with 7 Gypsies and one with Rusty Pickle). Here is a sneak peek of my 7 Gypsies house album.
What a great class. Did you know I am now an official gypsy??

Now about the products....Here are the highlights:

  1. Well, we are coming home with ONE OF EACH OF THE NEW BASIC GREY PAPERS!!!!! The order has been placed and the papers/run-ons/brads are as cool in life as they are on line!

  2. The 12x12 paper invisibles by Heidi Swapp were our ABSOLUTE favourite new product hands down! Remember those decoder paper and pens we use to have as kids where you couldn't see the hidden message until the special pen was rubbed over it? Well this is kind of like that but only WAY cooler! The "hidden" messages are beautiful patterns and with just a little ink and technique, these bland white sheets turn into works of art.

  3. Heidi Swapp tops our list again with her new Mega Masks. Honestly, our brains are in overload mode with the possibilities for upcoming classes.

  4. The new Penny Black stamps were amazing. The wish list became our order as we had NO control whatsoever.

Tonight we are working hard at getting a bunch of orders filled out (and trust us, the budget has been blown). I am personally looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. The "boss" has given me the morning off. Well, not off exactly. Instead of waking up at 5:30AM, I get to sleep in until 7:30AM. I think she realized another 7AM class would have done me in!!


Pauline said...

Can't wait to see what you ladies have in store for us when you get back, with all the new products, stamps, and techniques. Enjoy the rest of the show!

Bonnie (eggette) said...

Oh my - it all looks so wonderful! How do you ever control yourselves?? Are you controlling yourselves?? I doubt it lol!

"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

You girls are too funny. The trials and tribulations you go through to be able to work at what you love. I know someone will be very happy to see all the new goodies and best of all hear your amazing stories. TFS